Center Console Boats

A family on a 2019 Pioneer Boats Islander 180 boat

Center Console Boats Overview

If you’ve been searching for a highly versatile craft that’ll allow you to enjoy various activities from fishing trips to water sports, you’ll have met your match with a center console boat. These incredible vessels give you the power and speed you need while also providing you with a spacious layout and many other advantages. Keep reading to learn more! When you’re ready to browse center console boats for sale, visit us at Trexler’s Marina in Moultonboro, NH.

What Is A Center Console Boat?

The first time you see one of these boats, you’ll instantly notice that it’s different than other models on the market. The controls of a boat are usually found at the bow; however, things are moved around a bit on a center console boat. The steering, ignition, and control panel are in the center, which provides you with an open layout so you can easily walk around the craft. Generally speaking, the center part of the craft is covered with a top to keep the driver and the controls protected from the elements.

Key Benefits

One of the best perks is the layout, which has been designed to give you access to all areas of the boat. After all, with everything confined to the center, you’ll have no trouble walking around your center console boat. This unique layout also provides you with plenty of storage options that are often tucked out of the way in the forward, central, and side parts of the vessel.

Let’s not forget about the improved balance when you strategically distribute the weight. When you have guests, they can stand spaced out around the craft and when you go solo, you simply stand in the center near the controls. Last but not least, you’ll have an enjoyable time fishing because you can cast your line from pretty much anywhere on the boat.

Various Sizes

You’ll also be pleased to learn that there’s a wide range of center console sizes to choose from, ranging from 13’ to 53’. If you’re aiming to catch fish that are found in freshwater areas, choose a small model that’s easy to handle. If you’re looking for fish that are found in the depths of the ocean, you should go with a larger, sturdier boat.

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