Fishing Boat Guide

a man using a 2019 MirroCraft 4650-S Utility V fishing boat

Fishing Boat Buying Guide

When you’re looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy the open water and go after your catch, you might want to consider a fishing boat. Here at Trexler’s Marina, we’ve been proudly serving Moultonboro, NH for several years now. We strive to educate our customers on their options so they can feel confident in their investment. Therefore, we’ve gathered some helpful information on fishing boats below. When you feel ready to browse some models, give us a call or stop in and see us. Our staff looks forward to assisting you in your search.

Type Of Water

First of all, it’s important to note that not all fishing boats are built to handle all types of water. You’ll want to think about where you plan to go because this will affect your decision. For instance, shallow waters tend to have large chunks of debris hidden below the surface, such as rocks or fallen tree trunks. If you intend to do most of your boating in shallow waters, you’ll need to pick a model that won’t scrape along the bottom and sustain damage. A flat bottom fishing boat will avoid scraping but keep in mind that it’ll ride rough in choppy water. A V-hull will provide superior stability on the water but you’ll need more power to get it moving.

On the subject of rough water, you’ll need to be cautious of the choppy waves and surf that can smack your craft around. If this is where you’ll be most of the time, you’ll need a model with a deep bottom and high sides. A good example is a bay fishing boat, which will offer an ultra-smooth ride. These models are a bit smaller and more lightweight, so you’ll have improved fuel efficiency but slightly less stability. Offshore fishing boats are larger and provide better stability. Both of these options are constructed with sturdy materials that prevent corrosion.

Type Of Fish

Next, be sure to take into account what type of fish you’re looking to catch. There are certain models that have been designed to catch specific types of fish. Some species linger close to the shore in hopes of avoiding predators. Other species will dart about the depths of the ocean. Some fish migrate from one area to the next depending on certain conditions. When you have a good grasp of where your intended catch will be, you’ll be able to narrow down your decision more effectively.


You can consider investing in accessories that’ll enhance your experience on your fishing boat. Rod holders will keep rods secure so you can step away for a moment. A depth gauge will provide you with accurate readings of the water depth so you know where to go to locate your fish. Make sure to think about your needs so you can choose the right accessories for your craft.

We hope our guide has been useful. Visit us at Trexler’s Marina in Moultonboro, NH to check out our inventory, including some great fishing boats for sale. We also proudly serve Meredith.