Outboard Maintenance Tips

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Outboard Maintenance Tips

When you’re a true boating enthusiast, it’s important to keep your vessel in excellent shape. The last thing you want is to experience a slow-down on the water, or worse, a malfunction. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure your outboard motor continues running smoothly and delivering top-notch performance. The best way to go about this is to ensure you keep up with maintenance. Keep reading to learn more.

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Types of Maintenance

Before you begin, you’ll need to understand the different types of maintenance, which are year-round and post-boating maintenance. As you might’ve guessed, the year-round version takes place annually. You don’t want to skip this as it’s essential for preventing malfunctions and diminished performance. Post-boating maintenance needs to be performed after every boating trip. Be sure to do this as soon as your craft has been pulled out of the water.

Start by purging all the water from the engine, then turn it on and allow the water pump to remove any water that was being used for cooling. In a marine environment, flush your engine with fresh water so you can remove any salt that could cause corrosion. After flushing the engine, unhook the fuel line to burn out the leftover gas. Next, remove the protective casing. Wipe the engine down with a cloth first because it’ll be hot. Spray the moving parts with lubricant. Inspect the spark plugs and gasket seals for leaks. There should be no water in the engine compartment. Take it in for service at Trexler’s Marina if you find leaks.

Set a Schedule

You’ll benefit from establishing a regular outboard motor maintenance schedule. Remember, these don’t operate like cars. You’ll need some additional knowledge to perform proper service. These motors burn oil much faster than cars do. Check the oil regularly to get an idea of how much it’s consuming on a regular basis.

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