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Suzuki Motors Outboards

Engineered for A Seamless Adventure.

Suzuki has been a household name among powersports enthusiasts for several decades now. When it comes to outboard motors, Suzuki doesn’t mess around. The essential qualities you look for in an outboard motor such as power, efficiency, reliability, and innovation are right at your fingertips thanks to Suzuki and all the hard work put into perfecting their models each year.

Whether you’re looking for an in-line 4, a mid-range, a portable, or a V6 outboard motor, Trexler’s Marina in Moultonboro, New Hampshire has it all. Visit us for more information and we’ll help you choose the right outboard motor for your boating lifestyle!

Powerful and Efficient

For starters, the power of a Suzuki outboard motor is simply unmatched. The engine power-head is closer to the front, which moves the outboard’s center of gravity forward for less vibration, better stable steering performance, and a more compact setup. You also get high energy rotation with gears that are designed for a 2.42 gear ratio, which is larger than standard. When you add this to a 14-inch propeller, this powerhouse can pack a strong forward thrust. The result is powerful navigation, quick acceleration, and precise maneuvering regardless of load size.

Thanks to the Lean Burn Control System, you’ll have perfect fuel and air mixture depending on navigation conditions. This awesome feature saves on fuel, which results in lower gasoline costs due to improved fuel economy. It doesn't stop there. You’ll also enjoy battery-less electronic fuel injection for a quick and easy start plus cleaner and more economical fuel consumption. The dual injectors top things off by delivering just the right amount of fuel at the right time into each cylinder. Maximum fuel efficiency is sure to be achieved with all these impressive features.

Reliable and Innovative

The self-adjusting timing chain runs in an oil bath so you’ll never worry about lubrication. It’s also equipped with an automatic hydraulic tensioner so that it’s always properly adjusted. The most notable benefit is less maintenance for owners and more durability compared to other belt types of the same class. The Suzuki Water Detecting system will alert you with visual and audio warnings if there’s water in your fuel so you’re protected from potential issues like poor combustion, corrosion, and lower power output.

Suzuki Precision Control allows operation from the remote control to be delivered to the outboard through an electric signal rather than traditional mechanical control cables. This innovative feature makes for less friction and resistance plus quicker and more reliable operation. The Tilt Limit System will prevent the outboard from tilting past a certain angle so you can avoid damage to the boat or outboard due to excessive tilting.

What are you waiting for? The Suzuki outboard motor of your dreams is waiting for you at Trexler’s Marina in Moultonboro, New Hampshire so stop by today!

Suzuki Marine Outboard Models


The all new Suzuki Marine V6 Outboard Motors are chalked full of amazing features. These motors are powerful and come with an offset driveshaft, variable valve timing, and direct intake. These motors have a lean fuel burn for optimum efficieny, and the DF350A model comes with dual injectors. Maintenance on the V6 Outboards is easy, with every model utilizing a self-adjusting timing chain and water detection system to keep your mind at ease.


For an easy and safe ride when you need it, the Suzuki Portable Outboard Motor series may be for you. These models offer a three-way storage design that allows you to lay the engine down on any side, so you never have to worry about how you will store and transport your engine. You'll also find that these outboards have battery-less electronic fuel injection, for a quick and clean start without sacrificing performance!


The all-new Suzuki Midsize Outboard Motors are designed for those who want it all. These motors are built to give you the ultimate performance, fuel efficiency, conveinience features, in the smallest package possible. This is a great outboard for those who like to switch up their boating style from performance to casual, or for those who occasionally take family and friends out on the water!

In-Line 4

The Suzuki Marine In-Line 4 Outboard Motors are incredibly powerful for their size. With multi-stage induction, variable valve timing, and an offset driveshaft standard on these models, you'll get where you need to be in no time. The in-line 4 motors come with many of Suzuki Marine's newest innovations such as selective rotation, quiet operation, easy start systems, and so much more.

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